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Searching for a Changmin focus multiverse fic
chishionohana wrote in dbskfinders
I've been looking for a fic that was still being updated in 2010, but I don't know if it was ever finished. This fic included everyone from DBSK and SUJU, but focused on Changmin. It began in a modern day setting, with Changmin creating this book for a movie he wanted to write where you could cross universes. I think Yunho ended up dying and Changmin started crossing the universes for some reason (there was also an explosion involved). There was also a universe where SUJU was bikers I think, and there was a universe where they were in Germany or Poland during WWII trying to learn about the book, and they found out it was written on human skin. Mandoongie was also a person. The universes would change between using their real names and their stage names. I'm fairly certain there was not one specific pairing either, just a huge variety of them.

Not a very coherent search request, I'm afraid, but I'm just writing down everything I can remember about this fic. I've been looking for it for years and would be very grateful to anyone that is able to help me find it.


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