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BLV13 Fanfic

Hi, I’m looking for all dbsk fanfic written by blv13. If anyone know or keep it before, it will meant the world for me, since I’m dying to reread it again for 10years already. Thank you
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I'm not sure if this is active anymore :( But I really want to read Whirlwind again and was wondering what happened to the livejournal of magalix3? does anybody have the fanfic or anything :O?

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Looking for a YunJae fic


I'm not sure if anyone even still reads posts at this community, but I figured that giving it a try can't hurt, right?
So, I'm looking for a YunJae fic that I've read years ago. It was chaptered and back then not yet finished, but by now it might be.

It started with one (or both) of them writing a list of all the kinky things they wanted to do together. I'm quite sure it was a BDSM fanfic, actually. I kind of recall them being in a library too, so maybe a school/college fic? Not sure.

Then the dom made the sub wear some type of a chastity device until they'd meet again for some play-time. If I remember correctly, Yunho was the dom, but it's not 100% sure. When they did meet, the sub ended up giving a blowjob to the dom, and in exchange received a golden shower down his throat. (The dom peed in his mouth, but it's gross to write it down like this.)

And that was the part when I chickened out and decided not to read any more of it, but not that long ago I remembered it randomly and now I'm curious about the rest.

Does anyone know what story it might be?
Thank you in advance for any type of help! :)

Searching for a Changmin focus multiverse fic

I've been looking for a fic that was still being updated in 2010, but I don't know if it was ever finished. This fic included everyone from DBSK and SUJU, but focused on Changmin. It began in a modern day setting, with Changmin creating this book for a movie he wanted to write where you could cross universes. I think Yunho ended up dying and Changmin started crossing the universes for some reason (there was also an explosion involved). There was also a universe where SUJU was bikers I think, and there was a universe where they were in Germany or Poland during WWII trying to learn about the book, and they found out it was written on human skin. Mandoongie was also a person. The universes would change between using their real names and their stage names. I'm fairly certain there was not one specific pairing either, just a huge variety of them.

Not a very coherent search request, I'm afraid, but I'm just writing down everything I can remember about this fic. I've been looking for it for years and would be very grateful to anyone that is able to help me find it.
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!search, possible [YunJae] time travel/alternate universe fic

I'm looking for a relatively old, unfinished, chaptered fic where Jaejoong somehow ended up going back in time or in an alternative universe. He's stuck there as a student, trying to talk to Yunho. I think Yunho was a swimmer and would alternate between being friends with Jaejoong and ignoring him. Jaejoong somehow becomes convinced that he has to create another DBSK in this world in order to get back to his old place.

I'm not sure if those are the right details, but the fic was pretty old. It was written before DBSK broke up, but posted on LiveJournal. I don't know if it was ever finished; the last time I saw an update from the author, the author had mentioned something about getting sick. So I remember being slightly worried.

Can't believe I lost my bookmark. Help!!

Hi everyone. Can someone help me find this story with Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin in it.
I only remember bits and pieces of it, but basically, the main character is a girl that can see ghosts. Yunho is her brother. Junsu is a ghost (he died like centuries ago) living in her home and they become friends. Changmin was Yunho's friend (I think) She meets some guy named Justin (I think) and he can see ghosts to. I think at one point Junsu had a psycho ex-girlfriend that kept trying to kill her and they did an exorcism to get rid of her. It was a really good story, but author never finished it. I wanted to read it again but I think I accidentally deleted the bookmark. Can someone help me find this? Thanks!
Choikang, Max, Bonjour Paris, source:tvfxq, Changmin

I think the end pairing was jaemin?

But really - they all slept with each other.
From what I can remember - the story mainly revolves around Changmin and Jaejoong relationship - they're supposedly still studying but I don't recall a uni or school scene ever. Mainly house parties and them drinking and smoking.. Jaejoong and Yoochun are best friends and Yoochun lives in a basement and they do karaoke there (Someone sang all the words to 'Ive been everywhere'). Jaejoong finds Yunho homeless in the park and takes him back to his apartment. I think in the end Yunho and Hyunjoong get together?
Changmin's comfort food is orange jello cut in cubes and Jaejoong's is a peanut butter sandwhich with bananas on some kiddy plate.  With the crusts cut off. I'm really struggling here..
When Changmin and Jaejoong were getting serious, Yoochun still slept with Jae.
Yoochun made a mixtape for Junsu? but he had Jaejoong check it over and it was playing when Changmin went to visit Jaejoong and all the songs were love songs and he misunderstood their relationship.
There were a lot of songs mentioned and the author even made a tracklist.
Oh, Jaejoong was rich (which was why he had his own apartment) but one of his parents died so he had to go back to Korea for a bit (this is based somewhere in america) - 
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jaemin fic

i am looking for a tvxq historical fic, the paring is changmin/jaejoong , i had read it a while ago, but couldn't find it on my computer anymore.
so the are both princes of opposites clans that have to get married to complete a peace treaty, it is a fan fiction that ends well ( happy ending) and i think it was a one shot, but i cant for the life of me remember it's tittle,it's original site or even find it by searching on the net.
i just have that vague description, but anything that is remotely related to it would be a great help
thank you guys!!!!!!
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Need some help finding a fic

Hi so a while ago I read a really great yunjae fic but I can't remember the title or find so I could really use some help. It was a one shot or two shot idk I can't remember well but the plot was yunho and yoonchun are roomates who live across from jaejoong and his boyfriend. Jaejoong and yoonchun are best friends and jaejoong is sleeping with yunho behind his boyfriends back. I know this is really vague but if someone could help that be great.

Oh also the beginning was really unique the first paragraph was the mythical reasoning/definition of soulmates