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I think the end pairing was jaemin?
Choikang, Max, Bonjour Paris, source:tvfxq, Changmin
f_aith_keeper wrote in dbskfinders
But really - they all slept with each other.
From what I can remember - the story mainly revolves around Changmin and Jaejoong relationship - they're supposedly still studying but I don't recall a uni or school scene ever. Mainly house parties and them drinking and smoking.. Jaejoong and Yoochun are best friends and Yoochun lives in a basement and they do karaoke there (Someone sang all the words to 'Ive been everywhere'). Jaejoong finds Yunho homeless in the park and takes him back to his apartment. I think in the end Yunho and Hyunjoong get together?
Changmin's comfort food is orange jello cut in cubes and Jaejoong's is a peanut butter sandwhich with bananas on some kiddy plate.  With the crusts cut off. I'm really struggling here..
When Changmin and Jaejoong were getting serious, Yoochun still slept with Jae.
Yoochun made a mixtape for Junsu? but he had Jaejoong check it over and it was playing when Changmin went to visit Jaejoong and all the songs were love songs and he misunderstood their relationship.
There were a lot of songs mentioned and the author even made a tracklist.
Oh, Jaejoong was rich (which was why he had his own apartment) but one of his parents died so he had to go back to Korea for a bit (this is based somewhere in america) - 

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