Help please!
Hi. I'm trying to find a YunJae fic.

It starts out with Yunho being married to someone. He and Jaejoong are in the kitchen where Jae is cooking and he (Yunho) wants a taste. The wife finds it weird that when Jae turns his head a bit, neither are uncomfortable with hoe close their faces are (I think Yunho had his arms wrapped around Jaejoong).

Other facts about the fic:
  Yunho and wife have a baby who is nicknamed Baeby.
  Wife is very similar to Jaejoong, especially the eyes.
  Yunho got married because his dad overheard a conversation with his sister saying he was in love with Jaejoong.
  Yunho sends wife roses every week for having the baby instead of getting an abortion.
  Near the end of the fic wife and mother-in-law were at the airport. Wife was trying to leave with Baeby but Jaejoong got there in time to beg on his knees for her to not take Yunho's son away from him.
  Ending is something like Jaejoong's parents were asking him when he was going to give them grandkids and Baeby asked whether he wasn't enough for them (unless I'm misremembering and that's from a totally different fic).

I've been trying to find this for awhile. If anyone can answer this and attach a link I'd love it so much and I'd be so thankful. Also, it might have been from winglin but I'm not positive on that. Thanks so much everyone!

Hey.. can you please help me to find this fic, i have been searching this fic like forever

So this fic is one shoot and pure yunjae no yoosu or others pairing. the plot is when yun challenge jae to live one day without him and if he could pass this then it means he and jae would be together forever, but unfortunately that is the last day for yunho because he had a cancer, and he leave a letter for jae. oh and the stories is based on true stories

Anybody know this fic? Please help i desperately need to read this fic, it's been bugging my mind for a very long time but i couldnt find out.
Please if u know it let me know, okay?? I really wanna re-read it.
Thank you so much~

Hi I was looking for a fic where jae and yunho are lovers but when jae's parents died he left yunho and they meet again at a school because both of them are teachers. It is also a yoosu and both of them are teachers as well and they are married. I remember changmin being a PE teacher . thanks for the help,,,,



So here I am asking you to help me find a fanfic that maybe isn't on the Internet anymore. I just discovered the summary and I really would like to read it. I know the author deleted it from her LJ and others web pages, but in a post, she said that we can share this fic (Here "So please, enjoy the fanfiction, read it, share it, I don't care"), so I hope, if anyone have it, that you'll be ok to share it :)

The name is Chasing Taboo : The Fanfic, by Tohosexy...

If anyone has saved it... Or know where I can have it, it will be really great!

Thank you in advance~


PS : Sorry for the mistakes I made ... ><


OT5 Fics
hello , I hope anyone will able to help me.

So, I'm looking for this fanfics where Yoochun died when he was doing a stunt at filming location.
And his members have a hard time accepting his death especially Jaejoong.

It should be Yunjae fics too, but it mostly bandfics. Thanks in advance.

Nutty F4?
I'm looking for a "fanfic within a fanfic" from the viewpoint of Yoochun, who is heartbroken because Yunho stole a girl he liked (I think?). Yoochun writes about himself and his bandmates in his "fanfic" as a parody of "Boys Before Flowers". However in Yoochun's version the F4 are obsessed with nuts and the newcomer (who is Yunho) is allergic to nuts and Yoochun makes bad things happen to the character as a way of extremely petty revenge. Also bandmates write comments too about his fanfic also. This whole concept may seem strange, crazy, and/or ridiculous but it is a real fic I read! I SWEAR!

OT5 fanfic
hello there~
me and my friend is looking for this OT5 crack fanfic titled Nutella and Pogostick by Sekushiai..
Her account has been deleted,so maybe if anyone have a copy?
i dont know much about this fic since my friend didn't tell me anything.. but i guess it was a famous one?
thank you.

help me find a fic please...:))
there is this one fic it's a Changmin centric fic where later throughout the fic somehow all the other members find their own time to be seduced by Changmin...
it's still a band fic...
the main pairing is Jaemin and Minsi and ends with a dramatic Jaeminsu...
somewhere along the story Changmin knocked his head and lost his memory ....they ended up living with the suju at their dorm as Dbsk's was flooded by fans?...

please..please help me...

I have no clue where I read this story at. I'm sure there are a few members of super junior in it as well. It's a school storyline. The students of this school participate in a something like a dating game. In which they can date and have sex with anybody that is not their chosen spouse.

Yunjae Fanfic

Hi all!! I'm going crazy trying to find this fic/author T^T What I remember is that Jaejoong had left his apartment that he lived with his family in to go get ingredients for something he was cooking because he forgot them. He left the stove on and this ended burning down the apartment and his family died. Somehow Jaejoong died too? I'm not sure. All I know is that later that apartment complex is renovated and Yunho ends up living there. But Jaejoong's spirit is still living there although Yunho cannot see him yet. Eventually Yunho is able to see him. This is most of what I can remember. Oh and I think Yunho was a construction worker, and at one point he had an extra job working late at night and that's where he met Donghae and almost had a relationship with Donghae but Donghae only wanted him for sex when he came over to Yunho's apartment and put drugs into his food, which led Jaejoong to go crazy and made Donghae flee. But this helped Yunho and Jaejoong become closer afterwards.

Another fic I think was by the same person was how I think Jaejoong was in the coma in the hospital and he was just a regular person, but Yunho was famous and he ended up in the accident where he was either unconscious or in a coma and Yunho and Jaejoong's spirits ending up having a relationship. And I think when Yunho woke up he was worried because Jaejoong had disappeared from the "spirit world" lol and it ended up in Jaejoong dying.

Thank you so much!!!


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